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This document holds information about the versioning concept of Vintner.

Vintner uses full commit hashes as version numbers. The current version can be accessed using vintner --version.

Vintner is a research prototype. There exists only a single GitHub release. Older releases are removed when a new GitHub release is published. Vintner versions used in publications are archived using Zenodo.

For each GitHub release, there exists a Docker Image. These images are not removed.

The versions used in package managers, such as npm, use semantic versioning.

Package Version Vintner Version
0.1.4 5e5e3bca56ad702ec0d3c3561a1eac3363576a3c
0.1.3 b75c2fdb75334a7f6ff531ad8b4e47bd188b964a

Last update: January 15, 2024